CodeCourse Title[Days]
SAF-01Comprehensive Evacuation Plans in Case of Emergency5
SAF-02Conception, Design & Implementation of Plant safety Systems5
SAF-03Disaster Recovery Planning5
SAF-04Fail Safe Controller (FSC) & Emergency Shutdown (ESD)5
SAF-05Fire & Safety Awareness for Fire Fighters5
SAF-06Fire Fighting Procedures5
SAF-07Fire Prevention & Emergency Control5
SAF-09Fire Protection System5
SAF-10Fire Risks ( Precautions & Fighting Technique)5
SAF-100High Voltage Safety Operations5
SAF-101Behavioral Safety Management5
SAF-102HSE Root Cause Failure Analysis5
SAF-103Safe Transport & Handling of Dangerous Materials5
SAF-104Crisis Manager During Oil Spill5
SAF-105Oily Treatment5
SAF-106Accident & Incident Investigation5
SAF-107Emergency Response Planning5
SAF-108Mobile Crane Safety Operation5
SAF-109HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Management5
SAF-11Handling Emergencies in Oil & Gas Industry5
SAF-110Purifying the Food Constructions (Restaurants - Kitchens - Mess)
Safe without Smell
SAF-111Evaluation of State and Quality of Food at Cams Hotels & Hospitals5
SAF-112Management of Petroleum & Mining Camps5
SAF-113Investigation Security5
SAF-114Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment5
SAF-116Industrial Hygiene5
SAF-117Behavior Based Safety BBS5
SAF-118IOSH Managing Safety5
SAF-119Confined Space Entry Program5
SAF-12Health & Safety Professional5
SAF-120Sour Gas Treatment5
SAF-121Prevention & Early Detection of Occupational Diseases5
SAF-122BOSIET Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training5
SAF-123Advanced Scaffolding5
SAF-124Best Safe Response During Emergency in Gas and Oil Plants5
SAF-125Controlling Hazardous in Work Area5
SAF-126Developing an Effective Safety Culture5
SAF-127Fire Control and Safe Evacuation & Means of Escape5
SAF-128Fire Fighting in Gas and Oil Plants5
SAF-129Fire Team Leader & Emergency Management5
SAF-13Human Error & Accident Causation5
SAF-130General Safety Onshore5
SAF-131How to Conduct Initial Investigation at Incident Scene5
SAF-132HSE Communication5
SAF-133Industrial Safety Skills5
SAF-134Modern Conception of Industrial Security5
SAF-135Offshore Radio Operator5
SAF-136Permits to Work System5
SAF-137Plan & Conduct A Public Awareness Program5
SAF-138Riggers (Dogman/Banksman/Crane Chaser) Onshore and Offshore5
SAF-139Safe Handling, Store and Operation of Chemicals5
SAF-14Identification of Hazard Area5
SAF-140Safety Analysis5
SAF-141Safety Lifting Technique5
SAF-142Safety Management Best Practices5
SAF-143Safety Standards Policies & Ethics Foundation5
SAF-144Safety Technology & Risk Mgt5
SAF-145Security Coordination and Management5
SAF-146Standards for Fire, Safety Protection & Loss Prevention5
SAF-147Strategic Crisis Management Planning for Unexpected Challenges5
SAF-148Warehouse Safety5
SAF-149Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (Norm)5
SAF-15Industrial Safety & Security5
SAF-150Traffic Managment & Assessment (Certification program)5
SAF-151Process Safety Engineering5
SAF-152Electrical Safety Rules5
SAF-153Industrial Safety and Housekeeping5
SAF-154Radiation Safety officer (RSO) Preparation5
SAF-155Chemical Hazards & Safe Handling5
SAF-156Hazardous Chemicals5
SAF-157Incident & Accident Investigation5
SAF-158Safety Procedures in laboratories5
SAF-159Safety Complainer & Site Inspection5
SAF-16International Safety Management (ISM)5
SAF-160Fire Fighter Rescue Mission (Certified)5
SAF-161Advanced Fire Fighting for Fire Instructor Certificate Course5
SAF-162Fire fighting ,SCABA Demo & Search Rescue using SCADA
(Practical and Theortical)
SAF-163Defensive Driving5
SAF-164Fire Fighting Systems Design5
SAF-166Hand Tools Safety Program5
SAF-167Major Emergency Response Management5
SAF-168PHA Hazop Leader certified5
SAF-169Risk Management5
SAF-17Job Safety Analysis5
SAF-170Scaffolds & Ladders5
SAF-171Understanding Accident Prevention5
SAF-172Work Permit Receiver5
SAF-19Offshore Safety5
SAF-20Oil Establishment Security5
SAF-21Planned Precaution Inspection of Plant Sites5
SAF-22Planning & Protecting the Industrial Buildings5
SAF-23Preparing and forming the Security Men5
SAF-24Process Safety Management5
SAF-25Protecting & Guarding the Establishments5
SAF-26Protection of Work Accidents5
SAF-27Rigging Safety Rules During Loading and Unloading3
SAF-29Safe Tank Cleaning5
SAF-30Safety & Loss Prevention5
SAF-31Safety & Security from Fire Accidents on Marine Oil Platforms5
SAF-32Safety in Chemical Lab.5
SAF-33Safety in Oil Production5
SAF-34Safety in Petroleum Operations5
SAF-35Safety Precautions in Electric Hazards5
SAF-36Security and Safeness in Marine Ports5
SAF-37Security Crises Management5
SAF-38The Basics of Industrial Security5
SAF-39Triple Modular Relay (TMR) for Operators5
SAF-40Safety Engineering & Risk Management5
SAF-42Advanced Process Hazard Analysis Methods & Leadership
(HAZOP, What-If, FMEA)
SAF-43Best Practice in Sewage & Industrial Waste Water Treatment & Environmental Protection5
SAF-44Certified SHEQ: Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality
SAF-45Crane Inspection & Operations5
SAF-46Environmental Impact & Life Cycle Assessments
(ISO 14001/14040/14041)
SAF-47Environmental Management & Technology (EMT)5
SAF-48Food Hygiene and HACCP: Principles & Application5
SAF-49Handling Hazardous Materials & Chemicals5
SAF-50Hazardous Chemicals: Handling, Storage, Disposal, Monitoring & Response5
SAF-52Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention5
SAF-53HAZOP Leadership for Offshore Oil/Gas Construction5
SAF-54Integrated Contingency Planning for Industrial Emergencies (ICP) (Emergency Response Planning)5
SAF-55Lifting & Rigging Equipment: Selection, Sizing, Applications, Operation, Diagnostic Testing, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance5
SAF-56Offshore Reliability, HAZOP, Risk & Safety5
SAF-57Oil Spill Management & Response5
SAF-58Petroleum Products Handling & Transportation5
SAF-59Process Plant Disaster Prevention: Case Studies & Lessons Learned5
SAF-60Radiation Protection in Industry5
SAF-61Risk Assessment Within Production Operations5
SAF-62Safe Isolation of Plant & Equipment (Lockout & Tag out)5
SAF-63Safety Auditing, Hazard Identification, & Site Inspection
(USA BEAC Examination Preparation Course)
SAF-64Safety Management in Industrial Plants
(OSHA PSM 29 CFR 1910.119)
SAF-65Scaffolding & Aerial Work Platforms: Planning, Selection, Installation, Inspection, Stability, Materials, Methods, Standards & Safety5
SAF-66Environment Impact & Pollution Control In Oil/Gas Operations5
SAF-67Modern Safety Management in Industrial Plants (OSHA )5
SAF-68Major Emergency Management Control5
SAF-69Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)5
SAF-70Risk & Hazard Analysis In Plastics Industry5
SAF-71Process Safety In Hydrocarbon Industry5
SAF-72Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBO)5
SAF-73Hazardous Material / Waste Emergency Spill Response
SAF-74Fire Truck Operation5
SAF-75Safety Management in Hazardous Locations5
SAF-76Environment Management & Technology (EMT)5
SAF-77Environmental Awareness In Industrial Plant5
SAF-78Best Understanding & Implementation of Modern HSE Management System5
SAF-79Risk Analysis & Preventing Human Error5
SAF-80Risk & Reliability Management5
SAF-81Process Plant Disaster Prevention5
SAF-82Hazardous Area Classification5
SAF-83Contractor HSEM Awareness5
internatonal general certificate in occupational health & safety
SAF-174NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety5
SAF-84COSHH Training5
SAF-85Loss Prevention and Safe Working Procedures5
SAF-86Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA)5
SAF-87Understanding The ISO 14001 Specification5
SAF-88ISO 14001 Lead Auditor5
SAF-89Safety Process in Refinery5
SAF-90Fine Alarm Mock-Up Drill5
SAF-91Hazard of Ammonia Handling, Storage & Shipping5
SAF-92Electrical Safety Management and Troubleshooting5
SAF-93Oil Spill Responses5
SAF-94Industry Waste Recycling5
SAF-95Advanced Process Risk Assessment5
SAF-96Office & Home Safety5
SAF-97Integrated Pollution Control5
SAF-98Safety in Industrial Plants5
SAF-99Personal Protective Equipment5
TELE-01Digital Communication & Digital Networks10
TELE-02Digital Telephone System5
TELE-03Industrial Communication5
TELE-04Introduction to Telecommunications5
TELE-05Local Area Networks5
TELE-06Microwave Telecom5
TELE-07Network Troubleshooting5
TELE-08Optical Fiber Telecom5
TELE-09Practical Industrial Data Communication & Telecom5
TELE-10Practical Optical- Fibers Technology5
TELE-11Principles of Communication System5
TELE-12Satellite Communication5
TELE-13Telephone Networks5
TELE-14Testing & Fault Diagnoses in Digital Systems5
TELE-15Maintenance of Wireless Sets (VHF)5
TELE-16IP Telephone System (CISCO)5
TELE-17Wi MAX Broadband Wireless System5
TELE-18Broadband Power Line carrier5
TELE-19Data Communication5
TELE-20Communication Systems5
TELE-21Establishing and Maintenance of Network5
TELE-22Industrial Digital Communication5
TELE-23Opto-Electronics (Photomics)5
TELE-24Digital Systems Troubleshooting5
TELE-25Principles of IP Telephony (VOIP) and its Related Prot6ocol5
TELE-26Optical Fiber Communication Systems5
TELE-27Fundamentals of digital Switching Systems5
TELE-28Private Automatic Branch exchange (PABX)5
TELE-29Communication Systems by Satellite5
TELE-30Inspection of Wire & Wireless Communications5
TELE-31Basic Radio Systems5
TELE-32Wireless HF & VHF Systems (Maintenance & Application)5
TELE-33Fiber Optic Cables & Optronic System5
TELE-34Advanced Management and Provisioning of Next Generation of DSL Services5
TELE-35Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL5
TELE-36Data Center Project Management5
TELE-37Digital & Analog Communication5
TELE-38Digital Subscriber Line Access & Multiplexer Applications5
TELE-39Digital Subscriber Line DSL & the Evolution of Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM5
TELE-40Digital Subscriber Operation & T/Shooting5
TELE-41Global System for Mobile Communication GSM5
TELE-42Home Networking5
TELE-43Intranet & Virtual Private Networks5
TELE-44Intranet Business Applications5
TELE-45Introduction to Telephony Test Equipment5
TELE-46Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines & Antennas5
TELE-47Principles of Microwaves & Applications5
TELE-48SCADA Net Work Protocol5
TELE-49SISCO Networking5
TELE-50Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH5
TELE-51Synchronous Optical Network Transmission (SONET)5
TELE-52The Evolution of Broadband WI-Max5
TELE-53Voice & Fax Internet Protocol5
TELE-54Safety of Radio Frequency Radiation5
PRO-01An Introduction to Process Plant Operations and Equipment5
PRO-02Blenders & Proval Loops5
PRO-03Crude Oil Evaluation & Processing5
PRO-04Desalters & Oil Dehydration5
PRO-05Elements of Process Engineering5
PRO-06Fundamentals of Fluid Catalytic Cracking5
PRO-07Fundamentals of Oil Refineries Processes5
PRO-08Gas Production Processes5
PRO-09Gas Sweetening and Acid Gas Removal5
PRO-10Heaters and Heat Exchangers Processes5
PRO-100Petroleum Business Cash Flow Techniques5
PRO-101Petroleum Measurement & Storage Tanks5
PRO-102Process Equipment: Fired Heaters, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Pumps. Compressor, Etc.5
PRO-103Process Simulation5
PRO-104Process Simulation Using Hysys5
PRO-105Production Optimization Using System Analysis5
PRO-107Surface Facilities for Water Flooding and Salt Water Disposal5
PRO-108Surface Treatment for Crude Oil and Water5
PRO-109Water Desalination, Plant Operations, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
PRO-11Hydro-Treating Technology5
PRO-111Wax and Asphaltene Deposition Control5
PRO-112Amine Gas Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery5
PRO-113Fuel Quality5
PRO-114Introduction to Refinery Processing5
PRO-115Introduction to Natural Gas Gathering & Processing5
PRO-116Fundamental of Petroleum Refinery Economics5
PRO-117Petroleum Engineers for Non-Engineers5
PRO-118Introduction to Upstream Petroleum Industry5
PRO-119Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU) In Petroleum Refiners5
PRO-12Iso-Cracking Technology5
PRO-120Introduction to The Downstream Petroleum Industry5
PRO-121Sour Gas Treatment5
PRO-122Introduction to Heavy Oil Production Technology5
PRO-123Introduction to Sulphur Recovery5
PRO-124Dehydration of Natural Gas5
PRO-125Gasoline Blending for Refineries5
PRO-126Fundamental of Hydraulic Fracturing5
PRO-127Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals5
PRO-128CCR Plat forming5
PRO-129Fixed-Bed Plat forming Process5
PRO-13Naphtha and Petrochemical Industries5
PRO-130HF Alkylation's Process5
PRO-132Hydrogen Production in Oil Refineries5
PRO-133Crude Oil Distillation (Atmospheric & Undervaccum)5
PRO-134Upgrading of Oil Products5
PRO-135Future Trends in Refinery Operations5
PRO-136Processes of Improving Performance5
PRO-137Oil Refinery Operations5
PRO-138Fundamentals of Petroleum Refinery5
PRO-139Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining - A Non-5
PRO-14Oil Process Engineering Fundamentals5
PRO-140Introduction to Petroleum Refining & Economics5
PRO-141Introduction to downstream oil Industry5
PRO-142Petroleum Refining Economics5
PRO-143Distillation & Unit Operation Control & Troubleshooting5
PRO-144Separators in the Oil & Gas Industry5
PRO-145Blowers & Compressors in Refinery Process5
PRO-146Emergency Shutdown5
PRO-147Water Chemistry in Refinery Process5
PRO-148Metering System & Selection : Hydrocarbon measurements5
PRO-149Corrosion in the Refining Industry5
PRO-15Oil Production Offshore Processes5
PRO-150Crude Desalting Process5
PRO-151Crude Desulpherising5
PRO-152Main Processes in Cement Industry5
PRO-153Main Processes in Paper Industry5
PRO-154Main Processes in Fertilizers Industry5
PRO-155Main Processes in Aluminum Industry5
PRO-156Main Processes in Pulp Industry5
PRO-157Hydrographic Survey5
PRO-158Oil Spill Response5
PRO-159PSM Process Safety Management5
PRO-16Onshore Oil & Gas Production Processes5
PRO-160Artificial Lifting5
PRO-161Beam Pump Operation5
PRO-162Hydraulic Fracturing5
PRO-163formation Damage & Sand Control5
PRO-165Maintenance Role Based on Start Up Commissioning & Troubleshooting5
PRO-166Safety Isolation & Control Valves & Orifice Plate for Operators5
PRO-168Topologies and Communication in DCS5
PRO-169EMS System and Comparison Between (FSC and TMR)5
PRO-17Petroleum Product Additives5
PRO-170Process Characteristics, Controllability, Stability and Tuning of Controllers5
PRO-171Radar Level Meter OPTIWAVE5
PRO-172Modbus Protocols (Including RS 485, 232, Fiber Optics, Wireless)5
PRO-173Ethernet TCP/IP as Industrial Data Communications5
PRO-174Best Practice in PID Control5
PRO-175Process Control for Production Operators5
PRO-176Common Control Loop Problems5
PRO-177Boilers Control System Including Control of Level Drum5
PRO-178Compressed Air System & Air Dryer Control5
PRO-179Centrifugal Compressors Operation & Control5
PRO-18Process Analyzer Technique5
PRO-180Advanced Process Control for Engineers & Technicians5
PRO-181Offshore Control System & Communication with Onshore5
PRO-182Basic Instrumentation Measuring Devices & Basic PID Control for Juniors5
PRO-183Production Geology for Engineers5
PRO-184Hydrogen Sulfide Stripping5
PRO-185Pre-Settling Tanks (Operations & Trouble Shooting)5
PRO-186Corrosion at off-Shore Structures & Production Facilities5
PRO-187Principles of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems5
PRO-188Startup, Shutdown the Plant- Sub units while handling abnormal conditions5
PRO-189Process Fired heaters5
PRO-19Processes of Catalytic Cracking5
PRO-190Oil & gas processing5
PRO-192Operator Responsabilites5
PRO-193Field Communicator5
PRO-194Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Recovery5
PRO-195Oil & Gas Field Operations5
PRO-196Operation Diagnostics& Maintenance of Equipments for Oil & Gas Production5
PRO-20Processes of Gas Conditioning5
PRO-21Qualifying Crude Oil Operators5
PRO-22Qualifying Offshore Operator5
PRO-23Qualifying Refinery Operators5
PRO-24Startup, Shutdown & Isolate Process & Plant Equipment Safely5
PRO-25Upgrading Petroleum Residues5
PRO-26Water Treatment & Disposal Processes5
PRO-27PLC Panel View Touch Screen 1000 & 12505
PRO-28Technical Cement Mill Operations & Optimization5
PRO-29Technical Kiln Operation & Optimization5
PRO-30Polyethylene & Polypropylene Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5
PRO-31Process Reactors: Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up & Shutdown: Hydro-Treating, Catalytic Reforming & Hydro-Cracking5
PRO-32Plastic Additives5
PRO-33Water Desalination Technologies5
PRO-34Polymer & Polymerization Technology5
PRO-35Surface Production Operations: Oil & Gas5
PRO-36Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology5
PRO-37Separation Process Technology in The industry5
PRO-38Troubleshooting of Oil Movement & Storage in Modern Refineries and Marine Terminals5
PRO-39Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving5
PRO-40Catalyst Technology5
PRO-41Multi-Stage Flash Desalination (MSF): Operation, Maintenance, Heat Balance, Performance, Optimization, Start-Up and Troubleshooting5
PRO-42Natural Gas Processing, Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery5
PRO-43Process Equipment Design, Sizing, Selection, Applications, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
PRO-44Troubleshooting Process Operations5
PRO-45Process Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting5
PRO-46Liquid Cargo Handling: CRUDE OIL & LNG: Storage, Separation, Loading, Unloading, Marine Operations5
PRO-47Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technology5
PRO-49Water Injection Treatment5
PRO-50Process Plant Performance & Efficiency5
PRO-51Ammonia Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5
PRO-52Process Equipments Thumb Rules for Chemical & Process Engineers5
PRO-53Process Plant Optimization, Rehabilitation Revamping & Debottlenecking5
PRO-54Water Treatment for Plant Utilities, offsites and Cogeneration5
PRO-55Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technology5
PRO-56Steel Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting5
PRO-57Safety in Process Design5
PRO-58PVC Manufacturing Process Technology5
PRO-59Anchor Handling Within Offshore Fields5
PRO-60HLO & Offshore Helideck Safety5
PRO-61Inspection & Maintenance of Subsea Pipelines & Offshore Structures5
PRO-62Marine Operations & Management in Offshore Fields5
PRO-63Offshore Structures Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair5
PRO-64Offshore Survey of Oil & Gas Fields5
PRO-65Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operations & Management5
PRO-66Safety Management of Marine Terminal & Oil/Gas Tankers According to The International Standards (IMO, ICS, OCIMF & IAPH)5
PRO-67Subsea Pipeline Engineering5
PRO-68Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers5
PRO-69Detailed Engineering Codes and Standards5
PRO-70Oil & Gas Operations: Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, Ngl Recovery & Fractionation5
PRO-71Oil & Gas Operations: Production, Desalting, Stabilization5
PRO-72Oil & Gas Operations: Storage Tanks, Mixers, Meter Proving5
PRO-73Oil & Gas Operations: Cargo Calculations Blenders & Flow Measurement5
PRO-74Implementing Best Practices in Multi-Shift Operations: Maximizing Productivity Through Round-The-Clock Operations5
PRO-75Performance Management in The Process industries5
PRO-76Practical Shutdown & Turnaround Management for Engineers and Managers5
PRO-77Process Plant Operational Economics, Planning & Profitability5
PRO-78Process Plant Optimization5
PRO-80Crude Oil Emulsion: Problems and Solutions5
PRO-81Crude Oil Storage & Management5
PRO-82Dehydration and Hydrate Prevention5
PRO-83Design of Natural Gas Process Equipment5
PRO-84Fired Process Heaters5
PRO-85Fundamental of Production Technology5
PRO-86Gas Field Operations5
PRO-87Gas Processing for LNG & LPG Plants5
PRO-88Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery5
PRO-89Heavy Hydrocarbon Deposits in Surface and Subsurface Facilities: Problems and Solutions5
PRO-90Hydrocarbon Dew point (HCDP) Control5
PRO-91Introduction to Oil & Gas5
PRO-92Introduction to Process Plant Equipment5
PRO-93LPG Training5
PRO-94MED Water Desalination5
PRO-96Modern Water Desalination Technologies5
PRO-97Natural Gas Dehydration and Sweetening5
PRO-98NGL Recovery and Fractionation5
PRO-99Oil Movement, Storage and Troubleshooting In Modern Refineries, Marine Terminals & Oil Plants5
ELE-01ABB Distribution System Automation5
ELE-02ABB Product Part 15
ELE-03ABB Product Part 25
ELE-04Active & Reactive Power & Power Factor Improvement5
ELE-05Arc Flash and Electrical Safety5
ELE-06Circuit Breakers (LV & MV)5
ELE-07Digital Logic Design5
ELE-08Distribution Relays5
ELE-09Electric Machinery Fundamentals5
ELE-10Electric Motors5
ELE-100Structured Cabling5
ELE-101Switchgears & Control Application for Power Plants5
ELE-102Transformer Operation, Maintenance & Testing5
ELE-103Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electric Equipment & Control Systems5
ELE-104Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Protection of Electrical Motors and Drives5
ELE-105Electrical Power System & Power Generator Control5
ELE-106Siemens Products Part15
ELE-107Siemens Products Part25
ELE-108General Electric Products Part15
ELE-109General Electric Part25
ELE-11Electric Power Transmission & Distribution5
ELE-110AEG Products Part15
ELE-111AEG Products Part25
ELE-112Maintenance of Dry Transformers HV5
ELE-113Power Generators & Voltage Regulators5
ELE-114Electrical Smelting Furnaces Distortions5
ELE-115Read & Maintain Control Circuits Schemes5
ELE-116Calibration, Protection & Testing of Digital Measurement Equipments5
ELE-117Calibration & Maintenance of Protection Systems5
ELE-118Protection & Micro-Electrical Devices5
ELE-119Testing of Electrical Equipments During Operation5
ELE-12Sour Gas Treatment5
ELE-120Electrical Transformers5
ELE-121Networks of High Voltage Lines5
ELE-122Electrical Distribution, Power Quality & Troubleshooting5
ELE-123PLC S7 Programming (Advanced)5
ELE-124KV Circuit Breakers5
ELE-125Plant Electrical Equipment Designing & Sizing5
ELE-126Motor Control Through PLC5
ELE-127ABB Basics of Medium and Low Voltage5
ELE-128ABB Switch Gears5
ELE-129Electrical Installation in Hazardous Area5
ELE-13Electrical Codes & Standards5
ELE-130Hazardous Areas & Classification5
ELE-131Plant Transient Conditions5
ELE-132Power Cables, Selections, Testing & Fault Location5
ELE-133Mark VIe Operation & Control5
ELE-134Power System Protection in Utility and Industrial Electric Network5
ELE-135Protection & Maintenance of Power Cables5
ELE-136Safe Handling, Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment5
ELE-137Transformer Operation, Selections & T/Shooting5
ELE-138Transformers & Switch Gears for Power Plant Operators5
ELE-139Electric Power System Basics for Non Electrical Professional5
ELE-14Electrical Equipment Inspection5
ELE-140Digital Electronics5
ELE-141Power System Coordination5
ELE-142Electrical Installations, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing5
ELE-143Fault Analysis and Location in Underground Power Cables5
ELE-144Cable Splicing and Accessories5
ELE-145Electric Power Distribution System for Industrial Plants5
ELE-146Electrical Inspection & Testing5
ELE-147Testing & Troublshooting of Electrical Circuits & Equipment5
ELE-148Mainteneance of A/C Motor System Simovet SP Siemens ACS 800 ABB5
ELE-149Maintenance of DC Motor systems Simady.C. Siemens5
ELE-15Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies5
ELE-150Maintenance of Relay 10 KV5
ELE-151Maintenance of Circuit Breaker 30 KV5
ELE-152Testing of Electric Motors & Transformers5
ELE-153CV & MV Cables Selection, Inspection , Install, Splicing , Termination& Falut Finding5
ELE-154Electric Maintenance: Relays5
ELE-155Electrical Distribution Equipment Operation & Maintenance5
ELE-156Electrical Power System for non Electric Engineers5
ELE-157Advanced Electrical Protection Relays5
ELE-158DC Electric Circuits & Measurement5
ELE-159AC Electric Circuits5
ELE-16Electrical Installations in Residential, Hospitals & Industrial Areas10
ELE-160DC & AC Electric Machines5
ELE-161Electrical Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting5
ELE-162Fault Analysis in Power System5
ELE-163Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of 3 Phase Induction5
ELE-165Electronic Components5
ELE-167Sensors Technology5
ELE-168Power Electronics5
ELE-169Digital Circuits Technology5
ELE-17Electrical Networks Problems & Solutions5
ELE-170Designing & Manufacturing Electronic Circuits5
ELE-171Common Electronic Control Circuits5
ELE-172Fundamental of Power Electronic5
ELE-173Fundamental of Electrical Engineering5
ELE-174Electrical Installation Operations5
ELE-18Electrical Networks Protection & Coordination5
ELE-19Electrical Safety in Plants5
ELE-20Electrical Symbols & Drawing Interpreting5
ELE-21Electrical Wiring & Installations5
ELE-22Energy Management System5
ELE-23Fault Analysis & Location in Distribution Cables5
ELE-24Fault Finding in Electrical Circuits & Equipments5
ELE-25Generator Excitation System2
MECH-01Air & Gas Compressors Principles of Operation5
MECH-02Air Conditioning5
MECH-03Air Conditioning & Refrigeration5
MECH-04Air Coolers & Ventilating Towers5
MECH-05Air Production Package5
MECH-06API Tank Inspection Code5
MECH-07Applied Combustion Technology5
MECH-08Axial & Centrifugal Compressors5
MECH-09Basics & Components of Hydraulic Systems5
MECH-10CAD for Mechanical Drawing10
MECH-100The Layout of Piping Systems & Process Equipment5
MECH-101Troubleshooting Piping & Pipe Support Systems5
MECH-102Turbo Expander: Operation, Performance, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-103Vibration Correction & Rotating Equipment Alignment Techniques5
MECH-104Water System Networking & Pumping Stations5
MECH-105API 510: PRESSURE VESSEL INSPECTION CODE: Maintenance, Inspection, Rating, Repair and Alteration5
MECH-106API 580: Supplemental Knowledge of Risk Based Inspection5
MECH-107API 653: TANK INSPECTION CODE: Inspection, Repair of Steel Aboveground Storage used in Petrochemical5
MECH-108API 936: Refractory Design, Installation, Inspection & Repair5
MECH-109API 936: Refractory Inspection Code: Installation, Inspection, Testing & Repair5
MECH-11Control Valves & Orifice Plates Sizing, Calculations and Selection5
MECH-110API-580/581: Introduction To Risk Based Inspection Methodologies and Practices In Refineries, Gas, Oil & Petrochemical Facilities (RBI)5
MECH-111Basic Corrosion Techniques & Monitoring5
MECH-112Boiler Failure Analysis5
MECH-113Cathodic Protection Systems: Design, Fabrication, Installation, Operation and Repair5
MECH-114Corrosion Awareness & Monitoring5
MECH-115Corrosion for Non-Corrosion Engineers5
MECH-116Engineering Aspects of Welding5
MECH-117Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing5
MECH-118International Welding Codes5
MECH-119Introduction to Welding Engineering, Fabrication and Inspection5
MECH-12Sour Gas Treatment5
MECH-120Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)5
MECH-121Mechanical Integrity & Reliability In Refineries, Petrochemical & Process Plants5
MECH-122Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists5
MECH-123Modern Welding Technology5
MECH-124Painting, Coating & Thermal Insullation5
MECH-125Pipeline Operation and Maintenance5
MECH-126Post Weld Heat Treatment5
MECH-127Practical Machinery Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Predictive Maintenance5
MECH-128Practical Welding Technology5
MECH-129Refinery/Petrochemical Industry Materials/Corrosion5
MECH-13Cooling Water Treatment & Control5
MECH-130Risk-Based-Inspection and Fitness-for-Service of Pipelines, Piping, Vessels and Tanks (API 579-580-581 Standards)5
MECH-131Rotating Equipment Reliability Optimization & Continuous Improvement5
MECH-132Structural Reliability Analysis in Civil Engineering5
MECH-133Welding Technology: Welding, Fabrication & Inspection (AWS, ASME & API Codes)5
MECH-134Modern Cathodic Protection Systems5
MECH-135Plazma Arc Cutting (PAC)5
MECH-136Supplmenatl Inspection Certification Program5
MECH-137Underwater Welding Techniques5
MECH-138Welding of Subsea Pipelines5
MECH-139Building Preventive Maintenance5
MECH-14Corrosion Principles & Control5
MECH-140Concrete Structure: Design Maintenance & Reliability5
MECH-141Soil Improvement5
MECH-142Steel Structure: Design, Inspection & Maintenance5
MECH-143Asphalt Paving Installation5
MECH-144Assessment of Concrete Structures5
MECH-145Construction Planning for Civil Engineers5
MECH-146Civil Engineering for Non-Civil Engineers5
MECH-147Structural Engineering for Non-Structural Engineers5
MECH-148Construction of Pre-Cast Concrete5
MECH-149Blueprint Reading and Graphic Symbols5
MECH-15Equipment Selection & Sizing (Pumps, Compressors, Vessels, .etc)5
MECH-150Engineering Drawings, Codes and Symbols5
MECH-151Cost Engineering5
MECH-152Bulk Materials Handling5
MECH-153Technical Report Writing5
MECH-154Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers5
MECH-155AutoCAD Drawing 2D5
MECH-156AutoCAD Drawing 3D5
MECH-157Water Tube Boiler Technology5
MECH-158Bearing Identification, Fitting & Servicing5
MECH-159Cooling Tower Maintenance5
MECH-16Finding & Preventing Pumping Problems5
MECH-160Crane Safe Lifting Operations & Maintenance5
MECH-161Offshore Deep Water Sub Sea installation5
MECH-162Oil Analysis5
MECH-163Optimizing Equipments Maintenance & Replacement Decisions5
MECH-165Piping & Pipe Stress5
MECH-166Hydraulic & Pneumatic Training5
MECH-167Hydraulics, Hydrostatics Schematics & Test Equipments5
MECH-168Comprehensive Bearing Maintenance5
MECH-169Precision Shaft Alignment & Laser Systems5
MECH-17Fired Heaters5
MECH-171Air & Gas Compressors Operation Maintenance & T/Shooting5
MECH-172Air Compressors & Dryers5
MECH-173Corrosion & Deterioration Mechanisms5
MECH-174API650, 653 & 620 Storage Tanks Inspection &Maintenance5
MECH-175API Pump Types Design & Selection5
MECH-176Control, Operation & Design of Reciprocating Compressors5
MECH-177Value Engineering Skills ? Planning for Performance Excellence5
MECH-178Dry Gas Seal of Centrifugal Gas Compressors5
MECH-179Pumps and Compressors in Oil & Gas Facilities5
MECH-18Friction & Friction Loss in Pipe Lines5
MECH-180Mechanical Seals In Pumps, Compressors and Turbines5
MECH-181Pipelines Design, Inspection & Testing5
MECH-182Rotating Equipments for Plant Operators5
MECH-183Cement & Concrete5
MECH-184General Advanced Mechanics Skills5
MECH-185Pumps and Compressors Operation and Troubleshooting5
MECH-186Welding Tests, Inspection and Sheet Metal Working5
MECH-187Mechanical Shaft to Shaft Alignment5
MECH-188Industrial Pump Repair5
MECH-19Gas Turbine Technology5
MECH-191Maintenance of Automatic Gas cutting tool5
MECH-192Centrifugal Gas Compressor5
MECH-193Gas Turbine Operations & Maintenance5
MECH-194Gear Boxes & Dynamic Balance5
MECH-195Machinery Failure and Vibration5
MECH-196Rotating Equipment's Compressors& Pumps5
MECH-197Using Computer in Surveying Work5
MECH-198Advanced Surveying Detectors (GPS - Total Station)5
MECH-199Rural Planning5
MECH-20Gas Turbines Operation & Performance Evaluation10
MECH-200Developing Random Housing Areas5
MECH-201Management & Development of New Cities5
MECH-202Developing the Historical Areas5
MECH-203Urban Renewal Policies Preparation5
MECH-204Developing the Urban Centers5
MECH-205Road Networks Planning5
MECH-206Traffic Planning in Cities5
MECH-207Designing Concrete Structures According to the Modern Specifications5
MECH-208Concrete Works5
MECH-209Cracks in Concrete: Types, Causes, Classification & its Danger5
MECH-21Gas Turbines Principles of Operation10
MECH-210Quality Control and Evaluation of Non-Destructive Testing Facilities5
MECH-211Quality Control in Construction Projects5
MECH-212Prevention the concrete structures from the Dangers of Fire5
MECH-213Repairing the Concrete Structures Which Exposed to Fire ,5
MECH-214Surveying Works5
MECH-215introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS)5
MECH-216Using Total Station in Surveying Works5
MECH-217Use Land Desktop5
MECH-218Designing and Planning of Roads5
MECH-219Preliminary Studies in Roads Designs5
MECH-22Heat Exchangers Operation, Performance5
MECH-220Designing Road Equipments5
MECH-221Standard in Implementation of Road Works5
MECH-222Improving the Properties of the Constituent Soil Beneath Roads5
MECH-223Road Construction Materials Tests5
MECH-224Maintenance of Roads Pavement5
MECH-225Maintenance of Roads and Bridges5
MECH-226Design the High-Performance Asphalt Mix (Super Pave)5
MECH-227Architecture Visualization5
MECH-228Environmental Assessment for Urban Projects5
MECH-229Environmental Regulations in Architecture and Construction Implementation5
MECH-23Heat Transfer Equipment (Heat Exchangers, Heaters & Cooling Towers)5
MECH-230Revit Architecture5
MECH-231Plumbing System5
MECH-232CNC (Computer Numerical Control)5
MECH-233Web Design5
MECH-235Practical Pump & Valve Technology5
MECH-236Pumps Technology Course for Juniors5
MECH-237Water Cooling Diesel Engines5
MECH-238Welding by Argon5
MECH-239Hydraulic Engineering10
MECH-24HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning ) Systems5
MECH-240Electro-Hydraulic Engineering10
MECH-241Pneumatic Engineering10
MECH-242Electro-Pneumatic Engineering10
MECH-243Electro-Pneumatic & PLC (S7 ? 200)5
MECH-244CNC Machine (CAD/CAM System)10
MECH-245Mechanical Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting5
MECH-246Pumps Operation & Troubleshooting5
MECH-247Piping & Valves5
MECH-25Hydraulic Valves and Hydraulic Systems5
MECH-26Machinery Bearing, Lubrication & Reliability5
MECH-27Operation of Hydro/Pneumatic Control System5
MECH-28Pipeline, Inspection & Testing5
MECH-29Piping Design & Fabrication5
MECH-30Positive Displacement Compressors & Pumps5
MECH-31Practical Mechanical Seals5
MECH-32Principles of Metal Cutting & Machining5
MECH-33Process Engineering5
MECH-34Protection of Petroleum Equipments & Installations Against Corrosion5
MECH-35Pump Principles of Operation5
MECH-36Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, & Ejectors5
MECH-37Qualifying foremen Mechanics to Work in a Power Plant5
MECH-38Qualifying Mechanical Technicians to Work in Gas Turbine Plant5
MECH-39Rotating Equipments: Operation, Maintenance & Vibration Analysis10
MECH-40Shaft Alignment & Rotor Balancing of Rotating Equipments5
MECH-41Specifications of Pipes and Piping Components5
MECH-42Steam Generators Types & Principles of Operation5
MECH-43Steam Turbines Principles of Operation for Technicians5
MECH-44Sub Sea Pipeline Engineering5
MECH-45Technology of Oiling & Lubrications of Equipments5
MECH-46Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Compressors10
MECH-47Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Pumps10
MECH-48Valve Maintenance & Handling of Abnormal Conditions5
MECH-49Valve Types, Selection & Inspection5
MECH-50Ventilation Engineering5
MECH-51Vibration Analysis & Failure Diagnoses in Rotating Equipment5
MECH-52Welding Engineering.5
MECH-53Welding Inspection & Testing Methods5
MECH-54Welding Technology5
MECH-55Data Analysis Techniques for Engineering5
MECH-56Root Cause Failure Analysis5
MECH-57Fabrication & Fabrication Maintenance5
MECH-58Pumps Mechanical Inspection & Troubleshooting5
MECH-59ASME B31.3, Process Piping Design, Construction & Mechanical Integrity (ASME B31.3 & API570)5
MECH-60Atmospheric Storage Tanks5
MECH-61Bearing & Lubrication System5
MECH-62Blower & Turbo Chargers5
MECH-63Boiler & Steam System Management: Performance, Efficiency, Troubleshooting, Tune-Up, Heat Recovery & Optimization5
MECH-64Boiler Inspection5
MECH-65Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbines-Design, Operations and Maintenance5
MECH-66Certified Boiler Specialist: Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Water Treatment Technology (ISBI License)5
MECH-67Combustion Techniques In Furnaces, Boilers & Unit Efficiencies5
MECH-68Commissioning & Startup of Mechanical Equipment5
MECH-69Control Valves and Actuators5
MECH-70Diesel Engine Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-71Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels5
MECH-72Flaring Systems5
MECH-73Fluid Mechanics5
MECH-74Fundamental of Mechanical Maintenance5
MECH-75Gas Turbine Operation & Inspection5
MECH-76Gear Boxes: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-77Heat Balance In MSF Plant5
MECH-783ds Max5
MECH-79Hydraulic & Pneumatic Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-80Industrial Equipment: Selection, Sizing, Operation and Troubleshooting & Maintenance5
MECH-81Maintenance of Auxiliaries Steam Turbines5
MECH-82Mechanical Engineering for Non- Mechanical Engineers5
MECH-83Mechanical Seals Selection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-84Mechanical Codes5
MECH-85Overview of API Standards and Practices5
MECH-86Practical Mechanical Seals Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
MECH-87Pipeline and Piping Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Integrity Assessment (ASME B31 & API 579 Standards)5
MECH-88Pipeline Design and Integrity Engineering ( With ASME B31 and Rules of Thumb)5
MECH-89Pipeline Pigging-Technical & Operational Aspects5
MECH-90Piping Vibration Analysis & Troubleshooting5
MECH-91Pneumatic Systems Operation & Maintenance5
MECH-92Practical Pump Technology: Selection, Operation & Maintenance5
MECH-93Pressure Equipment: Inspection & Maintenance5
MECH-94Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Troubleshooting5
MECH-95Refrigeration Engineering & Technology5
MECH-96Reciprocating Compressors5
MECH-97Safety and Relief Valve Inspection, Maintenance, Operation &Troubleshooting5
MECH-98Shaft Alignment & Balancing5
MECH-99Standards & Codes In Process Industry (API, ASME, ASTM, ANSI, AWS, NBIC, ISO, NFPA,NEC & ISA)5
PPL-01Air Compressors Operation & Control5
PPL-02Conditioning the Fuel of Gas Turbine5
PPL-03Cooling System & Oil Loop of Steam Turbine5
PPL-04Cooling System, Oil Loop Operation and Control5
PPL-05Cooling System, Oil Loop of Gas Turbine5
PPL-06Fault Analysis in Power System5
PPL-07Gas Compressors Control System for Operators5
PPL-08Gas Compressors Principles of Operation5
PPL-09Gas Compressors Troubleshooting & Handling of Abnormal Conditions5
PPL-10Gas Turbine Control Integrated with DCS Global User Station (GUS)5
PPL-11Gas Turbine Control System for Operators5
PPL-12Gas Turbine Piping & (P&ID) Diagrams5
PPL-13Gas Turbine Principles of Operation5
PPL-14Gas Turbine Support System Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)5
PPL-15Gas Turbine Water Polishing & its Uses2
PPL-16Human Machine Interface Operation (GE)3
PPL-17Qualifying Power Plant Operator5
PPL-18Speedtronics for Gas Turbine Operators5
PPL-19Startup, Shutdown & Handling Abnormal Conditions5
PPL-20Steam Turbine Control System for Operators5
PPL-21Steam Turbine Piping & (P&ID) Diagrams5
PPL-22Steam Turbine Principles of Operation5
PPL-23Troubleshooting & Handling of Abnormal Conditions (Gas Turbine)5
PPL-24Troubleshooting & Handling of Abnormal Conditions (Steam Turbine)5
PPL-25PLC Panel View Touch Screen 1000 & 1250 for Operators5
PPL-26Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gas Turbines5
PPL-27Plant Startup & Troubleshooting5
PPL-28Advanced GE Gas Turbine for Operators5
PPL-29Start and Stop Gas Turbine While Handling Abnormal Conditions5
PPL-30Fuel Control System and Load Variation5
PPL-31GE Sequence of Operation5
PPL-32Sour Gas Treatment5
PPL-33GE Gas Turbine Lubrication System, Oil Seals and Bearings5
PPL-34Monitoring and Analysis of Important Readings in Gas Turbine5
PPL-35Operation of Axial Air Compressor and Precaution to Prevent Surge5
PPL-36Gas Turbine Inlet Air Treatment5
PPL-37Gas Turbines Root Cause Failure Analysis5
PPL-38Power Plant Gas Conditioning5
PPL-39HSE in Power Plant5
PPL-41Speedtronics Control Panel HMI5
PPL-42Air System in Gas Turbines5
PPL-43Diesel Engine in Power Plant5
PPL-44Combustion with Dry Nox in Heavy Duty Gas Turbines5
PPL-45Compressors and Expanders in Gas Turbines for Engineers5
PPL-46Introduction to Combined Cycle Gas Turbines and Major Components5
PPL-47Combined Cycle Abnormal Conditions5
PPL-48GE Gas Turbine Design Philosophy5
PPL-49Gas Heaters at Gas Conditioning Skid5
PPL-50Gas Turbine Major Components Design & Construction5
PPL-51Turbine Control Devices & IGV of GE Gas Turbine Units5
PPL-52Air Systems of GE Gas Turbine Units5
PPL-53Fuel Systems of GE Gas Turbine Units5
PPL-54Turbo Machinery Monitoring and Problem Analysis5
PPL-55Air Compressors & Compressed Air System in Power Plant5
PPL-56Gas Turbine Control & Protection System5
PPL-57MSF Startup & Troubleshooting5
MAIN-01Advanced Maintenance Master class5
MAIN-02Drilling Rig Maintenance5
MAIN-03Maintenance & Trouble shooting of optical Fibers Cables5
MAIN-04Maintenance Engineering & Failure Prevention5
MAIN-05Maintenance Master class5
MAIN-06Maintenance of Gas Turbine10
MAIN-07Maintenance of HVAC Equipments5
MAIN-08Maintenance of Plant Equipments5
MAIN-09Maintenance of Steam Turbines10
MAIN-10Plant Maintenance & Inspection5
MAIN-11Predictive Maintenance5
MAIN-12Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)5
MAIN-13Rotating Equipment Preventive & Predictive Maintenance5
MAIN-14Substation Maintenance5
MAIN-15Preventive Maintenance (PM)5
MAIN-16Computer Maintenance Management (CMM)5
MAIN-17Condition Monitoring5
MAIN-18SAP-PM (Plant Maintenanace)5
MAIN-19Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)5
MAIN-20Maintenance & Reliability Management: Planning, Estimating, Scheduling & Control (Cost Effective Maintenance Management)5
MAIN-21Maintenance Auditing, Benchmarking & Performance Improvement Towards World-Class Status5
MAIN-22Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control5
MAIN-23Preventive & Predictive Maintenance5
MAIN-24Materials Selection & Failure Analysis5
MAIN-25Machinery Vibration Analysis 15
MAIN-26Machinery Vibration Analysis 25
MAIN-27Maintenance Leadership & Technology5
MAIN-28Failure Prevention and Repairs to Static Process Equipment & Piping5
MAIN-29Principle of Destruction Analysis5
MAIN-30Machinery Failure Analysis and Prevention5
MAIN-31Machinery Alignment5
MAIN-32Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)5
MAIN-33Total Plant Maintenance5
MAIN-34Maintenance Safety & Efficiency5
MAIN-35Maintenance Planning & Scheduling5
MAIN-36Mechanical Integrity & Reliability5
MAIN-37Developing Mechanical Integrity Programs5
MAIN-38Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)5
MAIN-39Piping Inspection Code5
MAIN-40Tank Inspection Code5
MAIN-41Ultrasonic Testing ASNT5
MAIN-42Radiographic Testing ASNT5
MAIN-43ASNT Radiation Safety Training5
MAIN-44Magnetic Practical Testing Method5
MAIN-45Refectory Design Installation Inspection5
MAIN-46Coating Inspector5
MAIN-47Scale Removal & Prevention Techniques5
MAIN-48Risk Base Inspection RBI5
MAIN-50Fixed Assets Management5
MAIN-51Acid & Ball Cleaning5
MAIN-52Vibration Analysis5
MAIN-53Introduction to API5
MAIN-54Maintenance Planning , Scheduling & Control10
MAIN-55Strategic maintenance Plan5
MAIN-58the art of maintenance5
MAIN-60Maintenance & Inspection of Rotating Equipments5
MAIN-61Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Mechanical Equipment5
MAIN-62Rotating Equipment Operations & Maintenance5
WEL-01Drilling Fluid Engineering5
WEL-02Drilling Problems & Solutions5
WEL-03Exploration Data Contouring, Mapping & Interpretation5
WEL-04Gas Lift Technique (Artificial Lifting)5
WEL-05Gas Processing5
WEL-06Introduction to Gas Lift Operation5
WEL-07Pressure Transient Analysis & Well Testing5
WEL-08Production Logging Evaluation5
WEL-09Production Optimization using Nodal Analysis5
WEL-10Reservoir Engineering5
WEL-100Wireline Techniques5
WEL-101Practical Petrophysical Log Analysis5
WEL-102Offshore Structures Design & Construction5
WEL-103Offshore Inspection Maintenance & Repair5
WEL-104Offshore Commercial Diving Technology5
WEL-105Oil & Gas Marine Terminals: Operations & Management5
WEL-106Submarine Cable Laying Inspection & Maintenance5
WEL-107Under Water Equipment Inspection & Maintenance5
WEL-108Offshore Pipeline Inspection & Maintenance5
WEL-109Offshore Wellhead Operations5
WEL-11Reservoir Management5
WEL-110SubSea BOP & Well Control Equipment5
WEL-111Offshore Operations5
WEL-112Application of Marine Law5
WEL-113Offshore Logistics & Supply Management5
WEL-114Marine Radar Observer Training & Certification5
WEL-115Inspection & Maintenance of Sub Sea Pipelines5
WEL-116Oil & Gas Tanker Loading & SPM Management5
WEL-117Safety Management of Marine Terminals5
WEL-118Platform Fabrication Construction5
WEL-119Offshore Rig Inspection5
WEL-12Well Completion & Work Over5
WEL-120Deepwater BOP & Well Control Equipments5
WEL-121Offshore Process Technology5
WEL-122Shipping of Oil & Gas5
WEL-123Advanced Well Testing5
WEL-124PPDA Integrated Pressure & Production Data Analysis5
WEL-125FDP Field Developing Plan (MBAL, PVTP, Prosper and GAP)5
WEL-126Fault Seal Analysis in Exploration5
WEL-127Drilling Practices for Rig Crew5
WEL-128Well Intervention5
WEL-129Stuck Pipe5
WEL-13Well Management & Artificial Lifting5
WEL-130Drilling Problems5
WEL-131Basic Open Hole Logging & formation Evaluation5
WEL-132Drilling Practice for Engineers5
WEL-133Basic Petroleum Technology for Engineers5
WEL-134Ratawi Control Room Operation5
WEL-135Advanced Operator Training5
WEL-136Cooling Fans5
WEL-137Crude Metering & Instrumentation for Engineers5
WEL-138Crude Oil Separators Operation & T/Shooting5
WEL-139DCS & HMI for Operators5
WEL-14Well Services5
WEL-140Dehydration & Sulfur Recovery5
WEL-141Desalter Control Room Operators5
WEL-142Desalter Plant and H2S Removal5
WEL-143Fixed Offshore Platform Design5
WEL-144Fluid Flow & Piping5
WEL-145Fundamentals of Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities5
WEL-146Gas & Oil General Information for Engineers5
WEL-147Gas Relief System5
WEL-148Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery (Sulphur)5
WEL-149Gathering Station GOSP Operation & Maintenance5
WEL-15Well Testing Analysis5
WEL-150International Oil & Gas Property Acquisition for Engineers5
WEL-151Materials for Offshore Applications5
WEL-152Modern Surface Production Fluid Flow & Piping5
WEL-153Natural Gas Compression Using Reciprocating Compressors5
WEL-154Offshore Cathodic Protection5
WEL-155Offshore Surface Production Operation5
WEL-157Oil Gauging5
WEL-158Operation of Inlet Separators5
WEL-159Overview of Subsea System5
WEL-16Pressure Transient Testing5
WEL-160PMCR Control Room Operation5
WEL-161Principals of Glycol Dehydration5
WEL-162Product Specification for Engineers5
WEL-163Production Process and Emergency Systems on Oil and Gas Installations5
WEL-164Pumps, Hydraulics, Separators?& Filters5
WEL-166Sensors and Measuring Instruments for Operators5
WEL-167Separation Equipment Selection & Sizing5
WEL-168Subsea Pipe Line Corrosion5
WEL-169Subsea System5
WEL-17Drilling &formation damage5
WEL-171Well Inflow Optimization5
WEL-172X-Mas Tree & Wellhead Operations & Testing5
WEL-173Well Control Certification (IADC)5
WEL-174Oil Wells Down Hole Safety Valves (Operations & Accessories)5
WEL-175Well Integrity (Accountability & Responsibility)5
WEL-176Well Database Overview & Workshop5
WEL-177Gas Reservoir Management GRM5
WEL-18Well Control and Blowout Prevention5
WEL-19Well Stimulation Methods-Acidizing & Hydraulic Fracturing5
WEL-20Drilling Engineering for Non-Drilling Engineers5
WEL-21Facies Analysis5
WEL-22Sequence Stratigraphy5
WEL-233D Seismic Course5
WEL-24Advance for Production Logging Interpretations5
WEL-25Advanced Cementing5
WEL-26Advanced Completion Engineering5
WEL-27Advanced Drilling Completion & Workovers Technology5
WEL-28Advanced Drilling Fluids & Advanced Cementing5
WEL-29Advanced Drilling Operation Management5
WEL-30Advanced LOG/Logging Interpretation Technology5
WEL-31Advanced Oil Production Optimization5
WEL-32Advanced Oil/Gas Drilling Technology (Onshore & Offshore)5
WEL-33Advanced Petrophysics/Interpretation of Cased Hole Logs5
WEL-34Advanced PVT & EOS Characterization5
WEL-35Advanced Reservoir Management5
WEL-36Advanced Reservoir Simulation5
WEL-37Advanced Structural Interpretation & Geological Modeling Based On Seismic Sections5
WEL-38Advanced Well Testing Design & Analysis5
WEL-39Analytical Instrumentation for Laboratory5
WEL-40Applied Geostatistics for Oil/Gas5
WEL-41Artificial Lift Systems5
WEL-42AVO & Seismic Attributes5
WEL-43Basic Analysis and Hydrocarbon Potential5
WEL-44Basic Petroleum Economics5
WEL-45Basic Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineer5
WEL-46Basic Well Test Analysis5
WEL-47Carbonate Reservoirs5
WEL-48Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy5
WEL-49Cementing Integrity Evaluation5
WEL-50Coiled Tubing Technology5
WEL-51Consequences of Acquisition & Processing 2D/3D Seismic Data5
WEL-52Coring and Coring Analysis5
WEL-53Crude Oil Emulsion: Problems and Solutions5
WEL-54Designing Underbalanced Drilling Operation5
WEL-55Directional & Horizontal Well Planning, Techniques and Procedures5
WEL-56Directional Drilling5
WEL-57Drilling & Completion Technology5
WEL-58Drilling Operation Management5
WEL-59Drilling Project & Risk Management5
WEL-60Drilling Rig Control & Operation5
WEL-61Drilling, Production & Completion Chemicals In The Oil/Gas Industry5
WEL-62Drilling Fluids Technology5
WEL-63Esp Application Engineering5
WEL-64Fundamentals of the Drilling Fluids Rheology5
WEL-65Fundamentals formation Evaluation5
WEL-66Gas Processing Design and Operation5
WEL-67Geological and Engineering Aspects of Horizontal Wells5
WEL-68Hole Cleaning5
WEL-69Integrating Geosciences Into Carbonate Reservoir Management5
WEL-70Integrated Reservoir Characterization & Geo-Engineering Modeling5
WEL-71Introduction to Sedimentary - Application of Oil Industry5
WEL-72Introductory to Sedimentary Petrology5
WEL-73Life Cycle Reservoir Management5
WEL-74Marine Tensioning & Drilling Compensation5
WEL-75Methods and Techniques for Crude Oil Evaluation5
WEL-76Practical Application of Oil/Gas Drilling Techniques5
WEL-170Treating & Handling of Oil Field Water5
WEL-77Petroleum Risks and Decision Analysis5
WEL-78Petrology and Digenesis of Clastic Reservoirs5
WEL-81Reservoir Engineering & Management: Analysis, Characterization, Simulation, Integration, Statistics & Naturally Fractured5
WEL-82Reservoir Seismic Attributes5
WEL-83Secondary Recovery Processes5
WEL-84Sedimentary Metallofacies5
WEL-85Sequence and Architectural Analysis of Sedimentary Sequences5
WEL-86Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy5
WEL-87Slickline and Perforation Operation Fundamentals5
WEL-88Smart Well Drilling & Completion: Horizontal Wells & Integrity Concern5
WEL-89Special Core Analysis for Engineers & Geologists5
WEL-90Structural Technology5
WEL-91Subsurface Production Operations5
WEL-92The Screening of Oil Reservoir for Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes5
WEL-93Update Techniques In Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)5
WEL-94Water Flooding5
WEL-95Well Completion Design & Operation, Well Stimulation and Workover Planning5
WEL-97Well Completion, Servicing & Work-Over Operations5
WEL-98Well Composite, Construction Integrity & Completion5
WDE-01Boiler Control System for Operators5
WDE-02Boilers Makeup Water5
WDE-03Chemicals in MSF Plant5
WDE-04Desalination Plant Control System for Operators (MSF)5
WDE-05Desalination Plant Operation ( MSF)5
WDE-06GUS Operation for Water Desalination Plant5
WDE-07Instrumentation & General Use Air Production5
WDE-08Operation & Troubleshooting of Chlorination System5
WDE-09Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) for MSF Plant5
WDE-10Qualifying MSF Plant Operator5
WDE-11Startup, Shutdown & Handling of Plant Abnormal Conditions5
WDE-12Steam Generators Operation5
WDE-13Water Desalination Techniques5
WDE-14Water Supply Pumps5
WDE-15PLC Panel View Touch Screen 1000 & 12505
WDE-16DCS in MSF & Boiler Control System5
WDE-17Boiler Water Treatment5
WDE-18Desalination Plant Operation & T/Shooting5
WDE-19Limestone Water Treatment Operation5
WDE-20Advanced Furnace Operation5
WDE-21Boiler Water Content and Blow Down5
WDE-22Compilation of Air Pollution Emission Factors5
WDE-23Emergency Shutdown (EMS) in Desalination Plant5
WDE-24Fundamentals of Industrial Process Heating5
WDE-25Heaters for the Harshest Environment5
WDE-26Improving the Performance & Reliability of Fired Heaters & Boilers5
WDE-27Industrial Boiler Fingerprint5
WDE-28Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers5
WDE-29Startup and Shutdown Boilers Safely5
WDE-30Upgrading Boiler with Energy Efficient Burners5
WDE-31Using Steam to Drive Steam Turbines5
WDE-32Water Intake5
WDE-33Water Scale Corrosion - Multi Stage Flash (MSF)5
WDE-34Water Quality Laboratory5
WDE-35Desalination Plant Shutdown (MSF)5
WDE-36Multistage Flash (MSF) Desalination, Plant Problems & Troubleshooting5
INS-01Advanced Automatic Control5
INS-02Advanced PLC Troubleshooting & Maintenance5
INS-03Analog & Digital Signal Processing5
INS-04Analytical Measurements5
INS-05Artificial Intelligence in Control System5
INS-06Automatic Control for Operators5
INS-07Automatic Control Valves & Orifice Plates Sizing5
INS-08Automatic Control Valves, Positioners & Other Actuators10
INS-09Calibration of Transmitters & Other Transducers5
INS-10Controllers & Modes of Control5
INS-100Validation of PLC, SCADA & DCS Automated Process Control5
INS-101Principles of DCS Alarm Management5
INS-102SERCEL Instrument & Software Quality Control5
INS-103Power Plant Control & Instrumentation5
INS-104Anti Surge Controller for Gas Compressor5
INS-105Allen Bradley Control Net RS Logic 5005
INS-106Fundamentals of PLCs & Features of Panel view5
INS-107PLCs Principles of operation5
INS-108Steam Generator operation &Troubleshooting5
INS-109The High Performance Managerial Competencies5
INS-11DCS Networks & Communication with Third Parties5
INS-110Advanced Process Control Training Environment Implementation5
INS-111Advanced Process Modelling Using UniSim? Design5
INS-112Business FLEX Experion Blend Controller (EBC) Maintenance5
INS-113Communications Link Module Implementation5
INS-114Experion PKS Control Execution Environment Controller, ACE5
INS-115Experion PKS Controller and TPS Operator5
INS-116Experion PKS Controller Fieldbus Configuration5
INS-117Experion PKS Controller Operator5
INS-118Experion PKS Controller/SCADA Troubleshooting and Maintenance5
INS-119Experion PKS Field Device Manager (FDM) Implementation5
INS-12Desalination Plant Process Control for Technicians10
INS-120Experion PKS Operator - SCADA5
INS-121Experion PKS R300 Flowchart5
INS-122Experion PKS R300 to R310 Controller Differences5
INS-123Experion PKS R300 to R310 HMIWeb Differences5
INS-124Experion PKS R300 to R310 Server Differences5
INS-125Experion PKS Server and Station Installation and Administration5
INS-126Experion PKS Server Engineering and Configuration5
INS-127Experion PKS System Level Troubleshooting and Maintenance5
INS-128Experion PKS TPS Operator5
INS-129Experion PKS Unit Control Function for Batch Automation and Procedural Operations5
INS-13Digital Control System5
INS-130Experion System Overview5
INS-131Fail Safe Controller Advanced Implementation5
INS-132Fail Safe Controller Implementation5
INS-133Flowchart - Pulp and Paper Printing5
INS-134Flowchart for Experion System5
INS-135Introduction to TDC3000 System Overview5
INS-136PLC Gateway Implementation with Allen-Bradley or Modicon5
INS-137Process Control for Plant Operators5
INS-138Profit Controller Implementation5
INS-139Uniformance PHD System Administration5
INS-14Distributed Control System (DCS)10
INS-140Advanced DCS5
INS-141Introduction to DCS5
INS-142Tripple Modular Relay (TMR)5
INS-143Speedtroics Mark V5
INS-144Speedtronics Mark VIe5
INS-145Advanced Process Control Loops, Analysis & Troubleshooting5
INS-146Fire & Gas Systems, Detectors, Safety Guard Controller5
INS-147New Approaches in DCS & SCADA Systems5
INS-148Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation5
INS-149Field Bus System, Driving Total Productivities Management5
INS-15Electro/Hydraulic & Hydraulic Gas Turbine Control Valves5
INS-150Instrumentation in Sugar Factories5
INS-151Instrumentation in Pulp Paper Mills5
INS-152Instrumentation in Steel Industries5
INS-153Instrumentation in Cement Industry5
INS-154Instrumentation in Fertilizing Industry5
INS-155Distributed Control System for Operators5
INS-156Measurement of Process Variables5
INS-157Advanced Process Control Techniques5
INS-158Electro Pneumatics5
INS-159Valves Operation, Calibration & Troubleshooting5
INS-16Fail Safe Controller (FSC) for Safe Operation & ESD5
INS-160PLC Programming, Troubleshooting & Maintenance5
INS-161Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown5
INS-162Gas Flow Meters (Operation & Troubleshooting)5
INS-163Maintenance & Calibration of Convyor weight Meters.5
INS-165PLC & SCADA System: Principles, Operation & Maintenance5
INS-166Steam Generator Operation & Troubleshoot5
INS-167PLC for Operators5
INS-168Manual Valves5
INS-169Measurement of Process Control5
INS-17Flow Measurement & Flow Control5
INS-170Automatic Control of Equipment Operation by Using PLC5
INS-171Fundamentals of Industrial Application by PLC (S7 -300)5
INS-172Advanced Industrial Application by PLC (S7 -300) & Troubleshooting5
INS-173Automatic Control in Industrial Application by PLC & Logic Circuit10
INS-174Measurements & Control Devices in Industrial Operations3
INS-175Industrial Process Control and tuning3
INS-176Process Control and Safety System (PLC,DCS,ESD & F&G Systems)5
INS-177ControlLogix Fundamentals, Maintenance & Troubleshooting (RSLogix5000)5
INS-178ControlLogix Advanced Programming5
INS-179NetLinx Industrial Communication (EtherNet /IP Network, ControlNet & DeviceNet Communication)5
INS-18Foundation Field Bus, Profibus & Field Control System (FCS)5
INS-180Factory Talk View SE4
INS-19Gas / Liquid Flow & Types of Flow Meters10
INS-20Gas Compressors Process Control10
INS-21Gas Turbine Process & Control System10
INS-22Global User Station (GUS) Operation5
INS-23Instrumentation in Hazardous Locations5
INS-24Intelligent Control System - Fuzzy & Neural5
INS-25Logic Control Circuits5
INS-26Advanced Control System5
INS-27Management & Coordination in DCS5
INS-28Migration to Experion & New Hierarchy of TPS5
INS-29Multi loop Control Systems5
INS-30Off-shore Process Control10
INS-31On-Line Vibration Measurement & Analysis5
INS-32PLC Networks / Communication with Third Party Such as DCS5
INS-33PLC Principles of Operation & Panel View5
INS-34PLC Programming5
INS-35PLC Troubleshooting & Maintenance5
INS-36Power Boilers & Steam Generators Control System (Technicians)5
INS-37Pressure Measurement & Pressure Control5
INS-38Principles of Automatic Control for Technicians5
INS-39Process Characteristic & Controller Tuning5
INS-40Process Control Applications for Operators5
INS-41SCADA Control System5
INS-42Sensors & Measurement of Common Natural Variables5
INS-43Smart Transmitters Principles of Operation & Calibration5
INS-45Speedtronics Human Machine Interface (HMI)3
INS-46Steam Turbine Process & Control System5
INS-47Supervisory Control System5
INS-48Support System Control for Power Plant5
INS-50Temperature Measurement & Temperature Control5
INS-51TPS HM/LCN Hardware & Software for Technicians5
INS-52Triple Modular Relay (TMR) for Safe Operation & ESD5
INS-53UCN/HPM Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting5
INS-55Uniformance in DCS5
INS-56Crude Metering System5
INS-57Advanced Process Control APC5
INS-58Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Gas Application5
INS-60Boiler Control & Instrumentation5
INS-61Data Communication Industry5
INS-62Emergency Shutdown Control System5
INS-63Fail Safe Controller (FSC)5
INS-64Field Instruments5
INS-65Installation, Calibration & Maintenance of Instruments5
INS-66Instrumentation & Process Control for Industrial Applications5
INS-67Instrumentation for Non-Instrumentation Engineers5
INS-68Introduction to Control System (SCADA, PLC and DCS)5
INS-69Level Measurement5
INS-70Liquid & Gas Flow Metering5
INS-71Multiphase Flow Meter5
INS-72Power Electronics: Devices, Control, Applications, Maintenance & Testing5
INS-73Practical Fundamental of OPC (OLE Process Control)5
INS-74Practical SCADA & Telemetry Systems for Industry5
INS-75Process Control and Safeguarding5
INS-76Rader Level Measurement5
INS-77Statistical Process Control (SPC)5
INS-78Triconex Operation & Maintenance5
INS-79Process Control & Instrumentation5
INS-80Practical Fieldbus for Process Control5
INS-81Practical Fieldbus Foundation Technology5
INS-82Modern Distributed Control System (DCS) - Practical Application5
INS-83Standards of Instrumentation5
INS-84Control Valve Technology5
INS-85Multiphase Flowmetering5
INS-86Pneumatic Electric Control Systems5
INS-87Practical Safety Instrumentation & Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries5
INS-88Modern Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) & Emergency Shutdown Systems In Process Industry5
INS-89Industrial Electronics Theory & Application5
INS-90Testing, Commissioning & Start-Up Electrical & Control System5
INS-91Turbine & Compressor Control5
INS-92Allen Bradley SLC 55
INS-93Allen Bradley RS Logics 5005
INS-94Allen Bradley SLC 5 - RS Logics 5005
INS-96Allen Bradley RS View5
INS-97TB5000 Ruston Turbine Control System5
INS-98Allen Bradley PLC (Basic)5
INS-99Allen Bradley PLC (Intermediate)5
ENV-01Developing Health & Safety Management Systems5
ENV-02Developing Skills to Keep Fresh Air5
ENV-03Developing the Skills of Keeping Fresh Environment5
ENV-04Environmental Awareness5
ENV-05Environmental Management Systems5
ENV-06Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention5
ENV-07Health & Safety Professional5
ENV-08Industrial Pollution Control5
ENV-09Introduction to Environmental Consideration in Petroleum Industry5
ENV-10Noise, Measurements, Analysis, Rating & Control5
ENV-11Occupational Health & Safety5
ENV-13Pollution Control in Oil & Gas Industry5
ENV-14Radiation Awareness & Applications5
ENV-15Safe Oil Tank Cleaning5
ENV-16Waste Management5
ENV-17Waste Water Treatment in Oil Production & Petrochemical Plants5
ENV-18Water Treatment & Sewage Operations5
ENV-20Environmental Sanitation Workshop5
ENV-21Environment Monitoring & Modeling Environmental Management Systems5
ENV-22Climate Change & Emissions Trading Service5
ENV-23Energy, Carbon & Environment5
ENV-24Waste Handling and Waste Treatment5
ENV-25Environmental Testing Procedures5
ENV-26Air & Water Pollution Control5
ENV-27Environmental Auditing in Petroleum Industries5
ENV-28Competitive Environmental Strategy5
ENV-29Oil Spill & Emergency Response Training5
MED-01Hospital Management5
MED-04Infection Control5
MED-05Safety in Hospitals5
MED-06Qualifying Lab. Technicians5
MED-07Qualifying New Hired Nursing5
MED-08Central Sterilize Supply in Hospitals (CSS)5
MED-09Infection Prevention & Control Credible, Competent & Confident5
MED-10Pharmacy Technicians Promoting Skills5
MED-11Physiotherapy Technicians5
MED-12Nursing Skills5
MED-13Clinical Dental Hygiene10
MED-14Hospital Management10
MED-15Quality Management of Medical Equipments5
MED-17Infection Control in Hospitals10
MED-19Promoting Skills Of Lab Technicians10
MED-23Skills Of Pharmacy Technicians10
MED-24Skills of Secretary in Hospitals5
MED-25Report Writing in Hospitals5
MED-26Safe Records for Hospital Information10
MED-27First Aids5
MED-28Nursing Staff10
MED-30Rescue & First Aids for Physicians10
MED-31Rescue & First Aids for Technicians10
MED-33Operating Room Skills6
MED-34Digestive and Gastro Intestinal Problems6
MED-35Renal and Urinary Disorder.6
MED-36Sexual and Reproductive System.8
MED-37Sensor Neural Problems and Neurological Dysfunction.8
MED-38Health and Safety At Work4
MED-39Infection Control8
MED-40Nursing Care of Dying and Mortuary6
MED-41Health Promotion4
MED-42Hospital Ethics and Personal Ethics4
MED-43Nursing Process and Basic Role of Care Provider.4
MED-44Home Nursing and Discharge of Patients.4
MED-46Respiratory Care, Chest and Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases.10
MED-47Management for Nurses10
MED-51Nutritional Disorders6
MED-52Mental Health6
MED-53Rehabilitation for Assistant to Physiotherapy6
MED-54Pain Control (Palliative)6
MED-55Medical Assistant10
MED-57Medical Transcriptionist4
MED-58Medical Secretary4
MED-59Dental Assistant.6
MED-60Critical Care10
MED-62Pharmacology and The Nurse10
MED-63Health Disorder and Psychological Defect.4
MED-64Basic and Advanced Technological Equipments8
MED-66Catering in Hospitals4
MED-67Complementary and Alternative Medicine4
MED-71Endocrine Disorders6
MED-72Fluid Balance and Homeostasis6
MED-73Fever and Infectious Disease4
MED-74Medical Terminology6
MED-75Fractures and Evacuated5
MED-76Endemic Diseases5
MED-77How to Deal With Injuries and Life-Threatening Surgery5
MED-78Drug- Drug Interaction5
MED-79Club Foot5
MED-80Magnetic Resonance5
MED-81Arthritis Surgery and Endoscopy5
MED-82Intensive Care for (Esoteric Cases)5
MED-83Better Storage Basics for Medicine5
MED-84Business Finance in Hospitals5
MED-85Anatomy Dissection5
MED-87Cardiovascular Physiology5
MED-88Immunology - T Cells5
MED-89Fundamentals of Neuroanatomy5
MED-90Medical Histology5
MED-92Virology & Bacteriology5
MED-93Advanced Practical on Emergency Med.5
CHEM-01Cathodic Protection Engineering5
CHEM-02Chemical Laboratory5
CHEM-03Corrosion Control & Equipment Material Protection5
CHEM-04Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry5
CHEM-05Corrosion Technology5
CHEM-06Gas Analyzers & Chromatographs5
CHEM-07Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Technology5
CHEM-08Keeping Safety in Laboratories5
CHEM-09Lubrication Technology5
CHEM-11Practical Problem Solving in Chemical Analysis5
CHEM-12Refining Processes & petroleum Products5
CHEM-13Sampling System & Analytical Measurement5
CHEM-14Significance of Tests for Crude Oil & Petroleum Products5
CHEM-15Storage & Handling of Chemical & Toxic Materials5
CHEM-16Water Chemistry & Analysis5
CHEM-17Water Treatment Technology5
CHEM-18Advanced Gas Chromatography Techniques & Troubleshooting5
CHEM-19Advanced GLP: Uncertainty Measurement & International Standards5
CHEM-20Analytical Chemistry & Process Analyzers5
CHEM-21Analytical Instrumentation for Laboratory5
CHEM-22Chemical Laboratory: Operations, Equipments, Instruments, Quality & Safety5
CHEM-23Data Validation In Analytical Laboratories5
CHEM-24Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/Ms): Technology, Problem Solving & Latest Practice5
CHEM-25Laboratory Environmental Analysis: Air, Soils & Water5
CHEM-26Laboratory Quality Management (ISO 17025): SOP, Accreditation, Documentation and Auditing5
CHEM-27Modern Laboratory Management5
CHEM-28Practical Gas Chromatography Fundamentals, Troubleshooting & Method Development5
CHEM-29Practical Problem Solving In Chemical Analysis5
CHEM-30Safety In Analytical Laboratories5
CHEM-31Trace Analysis: Applications, Methodologies, Techniques, Sample Preparation, Measurement, Removal and Reporting5
CHEM-32Uncertainty of Measurement and Method Validation In Accordance With ISO 170255
CHEM-34Laboratory Safety & Health5
CHEM-35Basic Chemistry for Laboratory Technicians and Analyst5
CHEM-36Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data5
CHEM-38Set Up and Run Experiments5
CHEM-39Laboratory Equipments, Instruments and Safety5
CHEM-40Effective Management of The Chemical Analysis Support5
CHEM-41Online Analysis Application & Troubleshooting5
CHEM-43Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Gas Chromatography5
CHEM-44Process Analyzer Techniques5
CHEM-45Measurement & Certainty In Labs5
CHEM-46Industrial Analytical Chemistry5
CHEM-47Laboratory Instrument Calibration5
CHEM-48Solid Hydrocarbon Analysis5
CHEM-49Analytical Chemistry5
CHEM-50Chemicals in MSF Plant5
CHEM-51Corrosion of Iron and Steel Structures5
CHEM-52Corrosion Prevention5
CHEM-53laboratory instrument Calibration & troubleshooting technique5