Object-Oriented Programming with C# Training

Object Oriented Using c# programming

February 19, 2018
24 hours



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Microsoft’s .NET is a revolutionary advance in programming technology that greatly simplifies application development and is a good match for the emerging paradigm of Web-based services, as opposed to proprietary applications. Part of this technology is a new language, C#. This new language combines the power of C++ and the ease of development of Visual Basic. It bears a striking resemblance to Java and improves on that language. C# may well become the dominant language for building applications on Microsoft platforms.

This thorough and comprehensive course is a practical introduction to programming in C#, utilizing the services provided by .NET. This course emphasizes the C# language. It also introduces important new features such as implicit typing, extension methods, lambda expressions and Language-Integrated Query (LINQ). The new features are covered in a new chapter.


  • Acquire a working knowledge of C# programming
  • Learn how to implement programs using C# and classes from the .NET Framework
  • Learn how to implement simple GUI programs using Windows Forms
  • Gain a working knowledge of implicit typing, object initializers, anonymous types, extension methods, lambda expression, LINQ, and other new features that had started with C#


This course is designed to meet the needs of …

  • Developers responsible for writing object-oriented software programs in C#


.NET: What You Need To Know·         .NET Executables and the CLR

·         A .NET Testbed for C# Programming

·         Using Visual Studio

First C# Programs·         Hello, World

·         Namespaces

·         Variables and Expressions

·         Using C# as a Calculator

·         Input/Output in C#

·         .NET Framework Class Library

Data Types in C#·         Data Types

·         Integer Types

·         Floating Point Types

·         Decimal Type

·         Characters and Strings

·         Boolean Type

·         Conversions

·         Nullable Types

Operators and Expressions·         Operator Cardinality

·         Arithmetic Operators

·         Relational Operators

·         Logical Operators

·         Bitwise Operators

·         Assignment Operators

·         Expressions

·         Checked and Unchecked

Control Structures·         If Tests

·         Loops

·         Arrays

·         Foreach

·         More about Control Flow

·         Switch

Object-Oriented Programming·         Objects

·         Classes

·         Inheritance

·         Polymorphism

·         Object-Oriented Languages

·         Components

Classes·         Classes as Structured Data

·         Methods

·         Constructors and Initialization

·         Static Fields and Methods

·         Constant and Readonly

More about Types·         Overview of Types in C#

·         Value Types

·         Boxing and Unboxing

·         Reference Types

Methods, Properties and Operators·         Methods

·         Parameter Passing

·         Method Overloading

·         Variable-Length Parameter Lists

·         Properties

·         Operator Overloading

Characters and Strings·         Characters

·         Strings

·         String Input

·         String Methods

·         StringBuilder Class

·         Programming with Strings

Arrays and Indexers·         Arrays

·         System.Array

·         Random Number Generation

·         Jagged Arrays

·         Rectangular Arrays

·         Arrays as Collections

·         Bank Case Study – Step 1

·         Indexers

Inheritance·         Single Inheritance

·         Access Control

·         Method Hiding

·         Initialization

·         Bank Case Study – Step 2

Virtual Methods and Polymorphism·         Virtual Methods and Dynamic Binding

·         Method Overriding

·         Fragile Base Class Problem

·         Polymorphism

·         Abstract Classes

·         Sealed Classes

·         Heterogeneous Collections

·         Bank Case Study – Step 3

Formatting and Conversion·         ToString

·         Format Strings

·         String Formatting Methods

·         Bank Case Study – Step 4

·         Type Conversions

Exceptions·         Exception Fundamentals

·         Structured Exception Handling

·         User-Defined Exception Classes

·         Inner Exceptions

·         Bank Case Study – Step 5

Interfaces·         Interface Fundamentals

·         Programming with Interfaces

·         Using Interfaces at Runtime

·         Bank Case Study – Step 6

·         Resolving Ambiguities

.NET Interfaces and Collections·         Collections

·         Bank Case Study – Step 7

·         IEnumerable and IEnumerator

·         Copy Semantics and ICloneable

·         Comparing Objects

·         Generic Types

·         Type-Safe Collections

·         Bank Case Study – Step 8

Delegates and Events·         Delegates

·         Anonymous Methods

·         Events

Introduction to Windows Forms·         Creating Windows Applications Using Visual Studio

·         Partial Classes

·         Buttons, Labels and Textboxes

·         Handling Events

·         Listbox Controls

Additional C# Features·         Auto-Implemented Properties

·         Implicitly Typed Variables

·         Object Initializers

·         Collection Initializers

·         Anonymous Types

·         Partial Methods

·         Extension Methods

·         Lambda Expressions

·         Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)

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