Laravel Development Course

Laravel Training ..Learn how to build MVC web application.


Through Laravel training you would be learning the advanced features of usign Laravel PHP Framework such as about Laravel-Localization, Sessions, Forms, Validations, Laravel, Laravel and E-mail and Error HandlingLaravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. Learn how to build MVC web application.

  1. Laravel PHP MVC framework
  2. Laravel install Composer
  3. Laravel run and working files
  4. Laravel Routing pages
  5. Laravel templates Blade
  6. Laravel elquent ORM database
  7. Laravel MySQL tables , database
  8. Laravel MySQL with ORM
  9. Laravel play with ORM database
  10. Laravel using blade templates
  11. Laravel using blade Controls and loops
  12. Laravel using blade Foreach and unless
  13. Laravel add useful classes to project
  14. Laravel sign up page with routes
  15. Laravel ORM database with routes
  16. Laravel register page template
  17. Laravel add CSS and Javascript to template
  18. Laravel insert data using form
  19. Laravel login page template
  20. Laravel user authentication system

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