iOS Development Course

ios development

you will develop you first iOS apps and learn more about XCode, Debugging, UI element, Interface Builder and more.

Price 3500 EGP

60 hours


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Advanced iOS Training


Attendees of this are supposed to:

  • Have background in any object oriented programming language (Java, C#, Objective C .. or etc).
  • Have good understanding of basic programming concepts (data types, conditional operators, loops .. and etc.)
  • Aware of basic object oriented programming concepts (Classes, Objects, inheritance .. and etc).

Part 1: Introduction to programming using swift

It this part you will have a quick walk throw swift programming language, review concepts you already aware of using swift and introduce some new concepts.

  • About Swift
  • Basic Operators
  • Strings, Characters and collection types
  • Control
  • Functions
  • Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Overriding Methods
  • Polymorphism
  • Initializing Objects
  • Encapsulation and data hiding
  • Nested
  • Memory Management

Part 2: Introduction to iOS development

In this part you will develop you first iOS apps and learn more about XCode, Debugging, UI element, Interface Builder and more.

Get started

  • Xcode Overview
  • Setting Up Your Project in Xcode Xcode’s Interface Builder
  • App life cycle and AppDelegate

Basic UI Elements

  • Understanding Outlets and Actions
  • Adding the Buttons and Action Method
  • Implementing the Label, Image View, Text Fields, Switches, Buttons Segmented Control and Pickers
  • Implementing The Action Sheet and Alert
  • Learn the concept of Sub views

Navigation in iOS

  • The UIViewController class and its life cycle Modal View Controller
  • Tab Bars
  • Navigation controllers

Table View

  • Table views
  • Custom table view cell

Design patterns

  • Understand and implement The Model-View-Controller Paradigm

Part 3: Introduction to iOS advanced topics.

In this part you will learn some advanced topics in iOS like data storage, location services, web services and more

Integrating Objective c with swift

  • Calling objective C code from swift code
  • Calling swift code from objective c code

Data Storage

  • Dealing with local database “SQLite”
  • User defaults
  • P-list

Location services

  • Core Location
  • Map Kit

Accessing hardware

  • Accessing device sensors “Accelerometer” Accessing Camera

Dealing with web cervices

  • What is web services & When to use it
  • JSON
  • Integrating with Web

And some more stuff like:

  • Adaptivity
  • Autolayout
  • Size classes
  • Popovers
  • Handling screen touches.
  • Animation blocks.

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