IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Modeler Professional v2

IBM Certified Specialist – SPSS Modeler Professional v2

Skills acquired during recommended training

Business Understanding

  • CRISP-DM process methodology
  • Identifying business objectives
  • Translating business objectives to data mining goals

Data Understanding

  • Read data from various sources – Source nodes
  • Use data visualization – Graph nodes
  • Understand distributions and summary statistics
  • Identify data quality issues
  • Identify and understand outliers
  • Identify anomalies – Anomaly node
  • Understand relationships among variables

Data Preparation

  • Combine datasets using the Merge and Append nodes
  • Derive new fields – Fields Pallet nodes
  • Aggregate and restructure datasets
  • Use the Select node
  • Sampling and balancing datasets
  • Methods for reducing the dimensionality of the dataset
  • Understand SQL pushback
  • Understand use of data caching
  • Methods for missing value replacement


  • Partition the dataset
  • Understand which models to use for sets or binary outcomes
  • Understand which models to use for numeric outcomes
  • Understand model types and basic operations
  • Combine models using the Ensemble node
  • Auto modeling nodes

Evaluation of Results

  • Use the Analysis node
  • Produce and interpret Evaluation charts
  • Interpret model results using data visualizations (charts) and classification tables
  • Interpret Generated Model Nuggets

Deployment of Results

  • Use the Export nodes
  • Score new data using generated models
  • Understand monitoring of deployed models