Advanced OSP Fiber Optic Installation

Advanced OSP Fiber Optic Installation

5 Days


– Professional Fiber Optic Installation is an advanced course uses the actual field procedure and standards to install the fiber optic networks with a very professional way for both Premises (indoor) and OSP (outside plant) cabling systems

– The course covers site survey, install, test, maintain and troubleshooting of fiber optic networks such as ISP, OPS and FTTx networks

– This course explains the different fiber optic installation techniques in different environments using latest technology

– The course has more hands-on training

Target Audience:

This course is designed for telecom, network engineer, Field stuff, IT, Marketing, designer, Premises and OSP technician and supervisor, contractor, consultant


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Knowledge of ISP&OSP fiber standards
  • Knowledge of outdoor fiber optic cables types for different environments
  • Knowledge of OSP networks hardware
  • Splicing fiber optic inside joint closure
  • Knowledge of installation FTTX networks
  • Installing low loss fusion splices
  • Using many technologies to terminate the fiber optic
  • Knowledge of the cable installation latest technologies
  • Termination fiber optic in patch panel
  • Deep knowledge of OTDR testing


Fiber Optic Technician Course


1‐Premises and OSP Fiber Optic

  • Premises and OSP overview
  • Premises VS. OSP
  • Professional installer at indoor and outdoor environments

2‐ Fiber Optic Cables and Applications (Actual Field Samples)

2.1 Riser and Plenum

2.2 LSZH and Fire Retardant

2.2 All dielectric Cables

2.1 Under Ground Cables

2.2 Ariel Cables, ADSS and Figure Eight

2.3 OPGW

2.4 Sub-Marine Cables

3- Indoor Cabling and Hardware (Actual Field Samples)

3.1 Indoor installation procedures

3.2 Trunking, Conduit and Cable Tray

3.3 Cable installation without damage

3.4 Data center cabling Advanced Technology

4- Outside Cabling and Hardware (Actual Field Samples)

4.1 In-line and Dome Fiber Optic Closure

4.2 Outdoor Cabinet

4.3 Conduit, Manhole and Hand Hole

4.4 Cable Tracing

5- OSP Traditional and Advanced Installation Techniques (Field Simulation & Videos)

5.1 Conduit

5.2 Direct Buried

5.3 Ariel

5.4 Blowing Technology

5.5 Micro Trench

5.5 HDD

6-OSP Safety

6.1 Site Safety

6.2 Personal Safety

6.3 Grounding

6.4 Gases and Chemicals Safety

7- Site Survey

7.1 Survey Equipments

7.2 Choose the Route and Alternative Routes

8-OSP Fiber Optic Splicing (Hands-on training)

8.1 Weather Protection Equipment

8.2 Hand Tools

8.3 Closure Assembly and Splicing

9- OSP Fiber Optic Testing (Hands-on training)

9.1 OLTS End to End Loss Test

9.2 OTDR Loss, Attenuation, Splice loss and Connector loss

10- OSP Troubleshooting

10.1 Fault Allocation

10.2 Fault Definition

10.3 Fault Repairing Step

11- FTTX Networks

11.1 FTTX Overview

11.2 PTP & GPON

11.3 FTTX Cabling and Special Hardware

11.4 FTTX Testing

12- Review and Quiz

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