Fiber Optic Networks Design

5 Days

This course covers step by step the fiber optic networks design and architectures, teach the trainees how to design the networks with standards compliant, choose components, plan the installation, set up test plan and study the fiber optic applications.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for Network, design engineers, Presales, project managers, contractors and consultants.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Knowledge of network topologies
  • Understanding the International standards TIA & ISO
  • Understanding the fiber optic and fiber optic specifications
  • Choose the proper and cost effective components
  • Design the FTTX networks using latest technologies
  • Preparing Fiber Optic Plant Documentations
  • Preparing Plant Link Loss Budget Analysis and Calculation
  • Studying true examples applications and design process
  • Determine the effective bandwidth and bite rate
  • Choosing the proper transmission equipment.


Fiber Optic Technician


1‐Fiber Optic Design Overview

  • Introduction to the fiber optic design
  • Who can design the fiber optic networks?

2-Fiber Optic Networks Topologies and Examples

2.1 Meaning of Topology

2.2 Star Topology

2.3 Ring Topology

2.4 Bus Topology

2.5 Mesh Topology

3- Fiber Optic International Standard

3.1 TIA Standards

3.2 ISO Standards

4- Fiber Optic Cable Specifications Studying

4.1 Environmental Specification

4.2 Mechanical Specification

4.3 Optical Specifications

5- How to Choose the Components?

5.1 Choosing cable

5.2 Choosing Hardware

5.3 Choosing Accessories

5.4 Choosing Installation Techniques

6- Plant Link Loss Budget Analysis and Calculation

6.1 Loss Types

6.2 Total Loss Equation

7- Transmission Equipment’s Power Budget Calculation

7.1 Transmitter Power

7.2 Receiver Sensitivity

7.3 Power Budget Calculation

8- Fiber Bite Rate Calculation 

8.1 MM OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 Bandwidth and Bite Rate Calculation

8.2 SM Fiber Bite Rate Calculation

 9- Fiber Optic Project

9.1 Site Survey

9.2 Right of the Way

9.3 Project Costing

9.4 Network Planning

9.5 Network Installation

10- Fiber Optic Plant Documentations

10.1 Network Drawing

10.2 Preparing Bill of Quantities

10.3 Installation Time Schedule

10.4 Testing Sheets format

10.5 As built and Plant Handover

11‐Fiber Optic Applications and Studying Cases

11.1 Oil Application – Oil pipe line with SCADA System

11.2 Telecom Application – DWDM

11.3 Military Application – Radar

11.3 Data Network Application – 10G WAN

11.4 Power Application – OPGW

11.5 Security Application – CCTV

11.6 Media Application – SAN

12- FTTX Design and Application

12.1 Fiber to the Home / Building / Office / Curb

12.2 Special FTTX Components

12.3 PTP, Active Star and GPON

12.4 TIA/EIA-568-C

12.5 FTTX Testing Plan

13- Review and Quiz

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