Fiber Optic Technician

Fiber Optic Technician

August 6, 2018
4 Days


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Fiber Optic Technician is a general fiber optics. Has a broad knowledge in fiber optics that can be  applied to almost any application such as IT, telecom, Power, Industry, military and Oil

The course includes the types of fiber optic, fiber optic cables, accessories verities, fiber optic installation, mechanical termination, fusion splicing and OTDR testing.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for whom want to penetrate the fiber optic field and become a professional technician such as telecom engineer, network engineer, Implementation stuff, IT, Marketing, designer, infrastructure technician and supervisor, contractor and consultant


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Knowledge of the fiber optic basics
  • Preparing and installation the fiber cables
  • Installing low loss fusion splicing
  • Testing the fiber optic with power meter and OTDR
  • Recognize the types of fiber optic
  • Knowledge of fiber optic accessories
  • Termination Fiber Optic Connector and Inspect it
  • Certifying and troubleshooting installed links for maximum reliability


-Basic knowledge of Telecommunication


1‐Fiber Optic Fundamentals

1.1 Overview

1.2 Advantages of Fiber Optic

1.3 Fiber Optic vs. Copper

1.4 Fiber Optic Manufacturing

1.5 Fiber Optic Transmission basics

2‐Fiber Optic Types and Standards (TIA & ISO)

2.1 Single Mode

2.2 Multi‐Mode

2.3 Plastic Fiber Optic

3 ‐Fiber Optic Losses and Transmission Effects

3.1 Insertion and Reflection Loss

3.2 Splice loss and termination loss

3.3 Humidity

3.4 Pressure

3.5 Temperature

3.6 Bending

4‐Fiber Optic Cables (Actual Samples)

4.1 Fiber Optic Cables Applications

4.2 Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables

4.3 Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

5- Fiber Optic Accessories (Actual Samples)

5.1 Racks and Cabinets

5.2 Patch Panels & ODF’s

5.3 Patch Cords & Pigtails

5.4 Connectors & Adapters

6- Fiber Optic Cable Installation Techniques & Procedures (Field Simulation)

6.1 Cable Pulling /Conduit Installation

6.2 Direct Buried

6.3 Cable Blowing

6.4 Indoor installation

 7-Fiber Optic Safety

7.1 Personal Safety

7.2 Equipment

7.3 Materials

7.4 Work Locations

8 ‐Fiber Optic Assembly (Hands-on training)

8.1 Cable end Preparation

8.2 Fiber Optic Mechanical Termination

8.3 Fiber Optic Termination in termination box

8.4 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing

8.5 Splice two cables together in underground closure

9- Fiber Optic Cleaning and connector inspection (Hands-on training)

9.1 Connector cleaning

9.2 Adapter cleaning

9.3 Connector inspection with Microscope

 10‐Fiber Optic Testing and Inspection (Hands-on training)

10.1 Visual Fault Locator

10.2 Fiber Optic Loss Test

10.3 OTDR Theory, Testing and fault allocation

11- Review and Quiz

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