Contract Management


Project managers, contract managers and other professionals involved in the world of contracts must be able to work effectively together and with customers, contractors and subcontractors to accomplish key organisational objectives.

2 days

Contract Management in Procurement

  • The Process of Contract Management
    • Delivery Management
    • Relationship Management
    • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management In Practice
    • Managing the Relationship
    • The inaugural or initial Meeting
    • On-going Contract Management
    • Issues Log
    • Review Meetings
    • Contract Performance Controls
    • Risk and Risk Management
  • Post contract performance review
  • Continuous improvement

The Contract Management Process

  • Developing Specifications – Specify The Need
  • What Are Contract Risks To Agency – Protect The Agency
  • What Is Contract Type
  • Special Terms And Conditions Of Resulting Contract – Eliminate Risks

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