Android Development course

September 25, 2018
2 weeks
Sat- Mon- Wed from 6 PM


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Introduction to AndroidIntroduction to Java And Android
Introducing Development Framework
Dalvik Virtual Machine – DVM
Android Virtual Device and SDK Manager
Android Architecture and OOPS
Android Development Tools
Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT)
Android Debug Bridge
Android Fundamentals (Creating Applications and Activities)Types of Android Applications
Android Architecture and OOPS
Activity Lifecycle
Activity Classes
Introduction to Application Manifest
The Android Application Lifecycle
Introducing the Android Application Class
Android Layouts
Externalizing Resources
Building User InterfacesReview Layouts
Android UI and Advance Java
Android GUI Architecture
Android Widget Toolbox
Understanding Android Menus
Creating New Views
Handling User Interaction Events
Introducing Adapters
Intents and Broadcast ReceiversIntroducing Intents
Introducing Linkify
Using Intents to Broadcast Events
Introducing Pending Intents
Creating Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
Monitoring Device State Changes Using Broadcast Intents
Files, Saving State, and PreferencesSaving Simple Application Data
Creating and Saving Shared Preferences
Retrieving Shared Preferences
Creating a Settings Activity
Introducing the Preference Framework and the Preference Activity
Persisting the Application Instance State
Including Static Files as Resources
Working with the File System
Databases and Content ProvidersIntroducing Android Databases
Introducing SQLite
Working with SQLite Databases
Opening and Creating Databases Without the SQLite Open Helper
Querying a Database
Adding, Updating, and Removing Rows
Using Content Providers
Adding Search to Your Application
Creating a Searchable Content Provider
Working in the BackgroundIntroducing Services
Creating and Controlling Services
Using Background Threads
Using AsyncTask to Run Asynchronous Tasks
Using Alarms
Using the Intent Service
Web service accessSAX Parsing
JSON Parsing
web service integration

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