Adobe Illustrator Core & Advanced

December 19, 2018
10 days, From 10 am to 1 pm , Mon- Wed


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 (Illustrator) هو برنامج لإنشاء رسومات رقمية موجهة. يستخدم هذا البرنامج غالبا لرسم أشكال توضيحية، شخصيات رسومية، رسوم بيانية و شعارات. لكنه لا ينتج صور عادية التي تخزن المعلومات على شكل نقط شبكية .

مميزات الرسومات الموجهة (Vector Graphics)

تغيير الحجم دون فقدان الجودة

الخطوط واضحة و حادة في كل القياسات

قابلة للطباعة بدقة و جودة عالية

حجم الملف صغير

مفيد لإنشاء الرسومات التوضيحية


تصميم شعارات
رسم خرائط
رسم شخصيات رسومية
الرسوم البيانية (Infographics)
 تصميم أغلفة (Flyer, Brochures, Magazine)

Course Content

Part 1. Introduction

Introduction to Illustrator

  • Vector vs. Bitmap
  • Configuring the Workspace
  • Creating a New Document
  • Artboard Arrangements
  • Simple Shortcuts to Work Efficiently

Drawing with Illustrator

  • Shape Tools
  • Line Tool
  • Pen Tool and its Shortcuts
  • Adding / Removing / Editing points with Pen Tool
  • Bézier Curves
  • Transforming Tools
  • Basic Blends
  • What are Symbols?
  • Spraying Symbols

Colours in Illustrator

  • Colour Palette and Swatches
  • Stroke and Fill
  • Modifying Stoke Attributes
  • Gradients and Patterns

Altering Objects

  • Using Selection, Direct Selection, Magic Wand and Lasso Tool
  • Smart Guides to the Rescue
  • Using Grids and Guideline
  • Aligning Objects
  • Grouping and Duplicating
  • Twirl, Bloat and other Warp Tools
  • Understanding Layers
  • Hiding and Locking Layers
  • Using Isolation Mode
  • Compound Paths
  • Clipping Masks
  • Importing Images
  • Converting Bitmap into Vector

Text with Illustrator

  • Adding Point and Area Type
  • Spell Checking
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Creating Type Outlines
  • Warping Text

Saving your Artwork

  • File types
  • Defining a Crop Area
  • Saving for Web and Devices
  • Saving in Vector Format
  • Saving as PDF
  • Simulating Multiple Pages
  • Exporting to Photoshop
  • Release to Layers
  • Exporting for Adobe Flash

Part 2. Advanced Techniques

More Advanced Drawing with Illustrator

  • Using Compound Paths
  • Expand Appearance
  • Attributes
  • Outline Strokes
  • Using Styles
  • Shape Builder
  • The Width Tool
  • Using Perspective Grids
  • Creating Custom Brushes
  • Creating Calligraphy, Scatter, Pattern, Art and Bristle Brushes

Altering Artworks

  • Envelope Distort
  • More about Clipping Masks
  • Using Live Paint
  • Transparency and Opacity Masks
  • Drop Shadows and Outer Glows
  • Gradient Mesh for Realistic Colouring
  • 3d Shading and Highlights to 2D Graphics
  • Filters vs. Live Effects
  • Advanced Blending Techniques
  • Generating a Colour Group
  • Using Colour Guides

Advanced Text Features

  • Creating Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Kerning
  • Baseline Shift
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • Adding Text to Vector Paths
  • Gradients with Text
  • Using 3D to Extrude Text

Improving your Workflow

  • Using Live Colour
  • Using Smart Objects
  • Creating Templates

Adobe Certified Exam

  • Preparation
  • What to Expect
  • Pass or Fail

Projects in Adobe Illustrator

Project 1: Create a logo with Illustrator
Project 2: Draw a portrait of yourself with Illustrator

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